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Contingency & Retained Executive Search

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The "Open Position"
The right supply chain professional can save a company millions of dollars per year. A position that remains open can cost just as much.

Consider the cost of having an open position on your staff versus the benefit of working with a search professional who knows your industry and understands your needs.

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Capto•Systems precision executive search
We specialize in sourcing candidates for specific positions in commodity, purchasing, supply chain, program, product, materials and logistics management within industrial, oil and gas, technology, consumer durables, automotive, appliance and other manufacturing industries.

Personal Process
Placement projects are performed for clients based on a highly qualitative and personal approach. All candidates are rigorously pre-screened and interviewed prior to presentation.

Our highest priorities are candidate quality and process efficiency. Client time and exposure are held at a premium. Our recruiters focus on the details to get the job done right.

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"Traditional Methods"

Do you have time to review hundreds of resumés and interview dozens of candidates?

Posting ads is rarely productive. When the list of qualifications reaches a certain point working with a professional saves you time and money.

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Typical Search Stats*

Resumés Submitted:   3
Telephone Interviews:   2
On-Location Interviews:   1 - 2
Job Placement:   1

Elapsed Time:   4-6 weeks

*Statistics based on over 13 years of industry specific contingency and retained executive search.
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